Acrylics sets

Наборы акрилов – специально подобранный комплект акриловых пудр базовых цветов для профессионального моделирования ногтей. Комбинаторность цветов акрилов в наборе позволяет создавать гармоничный дизайн ногтей с помощью акриловой лепки.

Beautiful bright manicure is always in trend. Popular shades and colors change, new combinations are chosen, but the durability and quality of the polish still remains a mandatory attribute of a good manicure. Unfortunately, not all polish can be keep for a long time, often they just peel off the first day, bringing women a lot of frustration. That’s why there is different technology in the nail extension industry that uses a considerable amount of different designed tools to create perfect durable and bright nail polish, which is a long time does not lose its originality and beauty. One of such means is an acrylic kit for nail extension.

Acrylic manicure holds up to three weeks. On its surface, you can create any designs and patterns, creating an unusual design using a variety of color schemes. A kit for acrylic extension "Kodi professional" - a kit of colored acrylics, from gentle and soothing shades to bright colors.

The advantages of using acrylic nail extension

  • Easy application. It is quite simple to work with this material. It is easily applied and removed without much difficulty, that really like masters and customers;
  • Durability. Acrylic manicure can be keep three weeks without making the correction;
  • The surface of acrylic nails can easily draw on their different designs and patterns, creating true masterpieces;
  • A wide palette of colors. Kit for acrylic nail extension allows you to choose any shade or color;
  • The ability to choose the kit with the optimal number of acrylics (12, 24 or 72 shades of monomers). Large sets suitable for professional nail art, offering customers unlimited opportunities in the choice of nail design, so you can buy a kit of acrylic extension in Ukraine, in which a large number of colors is more convenient and more practical for professional than a novice, who is just beginning its work;
  • Affordable. Acrylic sets Kodi - a traditionally high quality at an affordable price.

Buy acrylic sets for nail extension in Ukraine

Online store "Kodi professional" offers a wide range of manicure instruments, as well as gel polishes, reliable bases and tops, a variety of gel paints, finished starter sets for nail extension and other materials and equipment intended to create a perfect manicure, including presented acrylic sets for extension. We sell high-quality professional tools and materials, combined in sets so as to satisfy the needs of all categories of our customers: both beginners and experienced artists. In the catalog of our products, you can buy a kit for acrylic nail extension in Kiev or choose any other kind of products for design and nail. In our online shop, you can not only enjoy the right kit, and arrange its delivery.


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Последние отзывы

а можно ними покривати всю ногтеву пластину, чи лише для дизайну вони?
Kodi Professional 2018-03-19 17:05:11
Добрый день! Технология использования предусматривает применение продукта с мономером (акриловое моделирование, лепка) или без мономера (использование в разных дизайнах), в зависимости от ожидаемого результата. Спасибо за вопрос!
скажите пожалуйста можно ли использовать эту пудру для дизайна ногтей?
Прекрасный набор качественный акрилов, так как я занимаюсь профессиональным наращиванием ногтей, мне он отлично подходит. Все акрилы в наборе очень яркие, красочные и главное качественные. Мне набор безумно нравится. Всем его рекомендую!
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